Kickstarter Month is off to a great start! Here’s where we’re at:

IF: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Album from Gemiinii Riisiing -- Kicktraq Mini

Special thanks to the early backers who have helped us reach over 50% of our goal in just the first 3 days! Give these amazing people a round of applause!:

Mark Keller, Joanna Tenderro, Andy Spivak, Rebecca Bradvica, John Storm, Matt Stenberg, Rudolf Hornof, John Montgomery, Timothy Eastman, Josh Hlavenka, Kathleen, Nathan Young, Brenda Winslow, Sam Watson, Serkan Yildirim, Leticia Slabaugh, Luke McCann, Seth Wallace, Lucy Huerta, Connor MacKinney, Arjeta Hyska, David Churn, Judi Volpe, Jason Kozak, Curt Litza, Tim Cleary, Troy Stout, Brad Carlson, Jeff Tucker.

Virtual high-five to you guys- YOU ROCK!!!

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